IPITA 2019 Congress

This year's IPITA is being held in Lyon, France. The Congress will be based within the new ‘state of the art’ Mathematical Institute which is an outstanding conference facility and an ideal sized venue for an IPITA Congress.

The Scientific Program will cover all aspects of whole pancreas and islet transplantation (both research and clinical practice). The Congress will have a specific focus on:

  1. Developing increased collaboration between the whole pancreas and islet transplant communities with the aim of moving towards an integrated, patient-centred approach to beta-cell replacement.
  2. Providing a forum to explore the full range of novel ‘state of the art’ technologies relevant to beta-cell replacement.
  3. Equipping the next generation of clinicians, scientists, and the full multidisciplinary team working in the field of beta-cell replacement. A varied and exciting Social Program will complement the scientific part of the meeting.

Come join the MUHC Human Islet Transplant laboratory as we present our research and clinical projects at this year's conference.

For more information: http://www.ipita2019.org/


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